odds and ends

1 Dec

baby stuff
Another mini photo shoot in the backyard today. There was definitely a nip in the air, but the baby insisted on staying outside even though her hands were red and cold.

I think her face looks really mature here for some reason. A little glimpse into what she’s going to look like?


Well, that’s one way to get down.


She does this all the time. She points with her arm up and her finger down, gesturing like she’s trying to encompass everything she can see, and saying “dziss.” Who knows what’s going through that little brain? It’s pretty cute though.


Apparently, buttered potatoes are disgusting and must be spit out immediately, but mulch is a fine delicacy.


photography stuff
I ran around trying to be all artsy fartsy. Click to enlarge if that kind of thing turns you on.










food stuff
I’ve been indulging myself with a little more baking lately since ’tis the season and all. My sister got me this awesomely old school hippie dessert cookbook from the 70’s that is full of whole wheat flour, honey, carob, and awkwardly posed photos. I made some cinnamon cookies last night that turned out just ok, but dude. Duuuuuude. Check out this picture.


It’s from the recipe for Strawberries Romanoff and the recipe description says, “This is a perfect dessert to be created and served by the hostess from a teacart or dining room table while guests look on and admire.” Which is of course why they chose for the photo a stiffly posed, extremely dour looking man who is standing alone in what appears to be a recreation of Thomas Jefferson’s kitchen (seriously, check out that fireplace behind him with the massive cauldron hanging in it). Maybe I’m just too easily amused.


Fake Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was hosted at my aunt’s house, so I didn’t get to do any cooking or have any leftovers. Sad face. So after we got home I knocked out a mini Thanksgiving dinner of our own. I got a split turkey breast with bone and skin and then stuffed fresh herbs and garlic under the skin, drizzled it with butter, and roasted it. The gravy is a roux of butter and sprouted flour with homemade chicken stock and finished up with a squeeze of lemon and the juices from the roasted turkey breast. At the same time as I roasted the turkey I also roasted some delicata squash from my CSA that I tossed with a little melted butter, brown sugar, and pie spice. The green beans are my new favorite green bean recipe which I’ll probably write up separately because they are YUMMAY, but just for a visual they are wilty and have caramelized onions.  In the middle of the plate is cranberry apple sauce based on this recipe brightened up with a little orange zest and juice and sweetened with coconut palm sugar.

The baby and I were eating the leftovers and I was feeding her little pieces of turkey with the gravy when she decided that two could play this game and she started grabbing green beans off my plate and feeding them to me. PRETTY DARN CUTE.


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