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celebrating holidays

11 Apr

Now it’s April and many holidays have come and gone since I last blogged. And I didn’t celebrate a single one of them. Crap! I’ve felt like I’ve been kind of in a no-man’s land of holiday celebrations for the last few years where Mike and I are too old for it to be cute anymore and (more recently) the baby is too young to know what’s going on, so we do nothing. But I actually really miss it. I mean, the only holidays we really “do” anymore are Thanksgiving and Christmas, which leaves a whole lotta year with nothing going on.

I got to thinking about it this last weekend (Easter), when once again I hadn’t planned anything at all but one of my friends invited us over for dinner and a plastic egg hunt for the kiddies – and you know what, it was really nice. I think maybe we humans need these periodic celebrations to help focus us on important things to be thankful for like family, friends, and our amazing food supply and to help psychologically mark and honor the passage of time and seasons. Otherwise everything is just the same all the time and the years just kind of blur together. We don’t have harvest celebrations anymore really, but it seems like we’ve retained the want for *something* to celebrate so we do silly things like the weird mainstream co-option of holidays like Groundhog Day and St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo.

Well that got a little long winded and brain vomit-y. The short version is that I want to get back in the rhythm of celebrating the passage of the year, being aware and present in each season, savoring the time I’ve been given on this planet, appreciating my family and friends, and teaching my little one. 🙂 I’m going to start planning our May Day right now.

I wanted to write this without sounding like a pretentious asshole and I don’t think I quite succeeded. Oh well.  If I sit on it with the hopes of editing it I know I’ll just never publish it though, so here goes.

And for sticking with me, here’s a picture of the baby dressed up on Easter:


it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

17 Dec

Around the house:

We have some gel cling thingies on the window and the other morning when I woke up the sun was projecting them onto the curtain. Looked kinda spiffy.

o christmas tree
Can you spot the random upside down misplaced ornament? And assorted bare spots? Thanks, baby girl! 🙂 I’m trying not to be OCD about it like I normally would be – just ask my little sister, who I used to make cry because I would move every single ornament she put on the tree when we were kids because “you didn’t put it in the right spot!!”

mini me tree
This was our only tree for quite a few years of apartment living. Now it’s our bonus tree.

everyone's procrastinating on cards this year apparently
For our own cards, I decided to do photo cards this year since there are a bunch of family who don’t stalk the baby on my flickr page and who I thought might like to see the baby/us. Anyway, I used the CVS website to design a card and had them printed at a local store. The website was a tad finicky, but it was really very easy, fast, inexpensive, and the cards look great, so I wanted to give them a little plug. Got them all out in the mail today. 🙂


chirp chirp

Parties and Santa Claus:

What’s that song? You’d better not shout, you’d better not cry? Guess someone’s getting coal this year. ;P I kid, I kid.


oliver who
I knitted a stuffed owl for my friend’s son. Glad I remembered to get a picture before I gave it to him! It turned out so well I might make something for my own kid. The pattern is Oliver Who from Little Knitted Creatures by Amy Gaines.